Jonathan Harris wins the Brixworth By-election

Last night the party gained a seat on Daventry District Council as Jonathan Harris won the Brixworth ward by-election.

It was a historic result for the party taking a previously safe Conservative seat with a swing of 33% and an increase in the vote share of 38.5%.

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Together, we have built the Liberal Democrats

Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, comments after the European elections: "Last night, the British people finished voting in the European elections. The fallout is there for all to see, with the Prime Minister finally conceding this morning that she has reached the end of the road.

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Council reserves collapse despite cuts

Well this is a good graph isn't it! Our County Council has suffered a 91% drop in its reserves despite massive cuts to services. This doesn't bode well for the financial stability of the new Unitary Authorities. The Conservatives are being a bit optimistic in asking the people of Northampton to give them a pat on the back for sorting out the financial mess which they created.

The people of Northampton and the wider county will be suffering the consequences of their financial mismanagement for years to come.


Car Parking charges up again

In case you missed it, ( we nearly did)) - Car Parking Charges in Northampton are going up in July.

The Conservative Council says that they have to implement their original proposals, which include an end to 2 hours free parking, "as this is the only way to meet budget commitments and fund the car Park maintenance program".

Lib Dem surge to second place in European Elections

Who said it - Farage or Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn has a history of dodgy comments on the EU - sometimes as bad as Nigel Farage. Test your knowledge now - see if you can tell who said what. 🤔

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Council elections cancelled - now even meetings!

The Northampton Council Meeting scheduled for 29th April has been put back until Tuesday 21st May. No explanation, no consultation.

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