Talavera Survey

Talavera Residents - let us know your thoughts and ideas to improve your area 

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Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting for Northampton LibDems

7.00 pm, Wednesday 13th October at Kingsley Park Working Men's Club

Followed by Fish and Chip supper

RSVP to Brian Markham by 11 October please

at email: [email protected] or tel: 07753 614851


For copy of latest version of proposal please email our Chairman - email Tony Woods


Northampton Borough Council survived over 800 years of turbulence and history but sadly will be scrapped under the Conservative plans.

This has come about for only one reason. The Conservatives mismanaged the County Council which they have run since 2003 causing meltdown in services and near bankruptcy in 2018. In the end national government stepped in. It was then that both Northampton MPs came out in favour of scrapping Northampton Borough Council and merging it with neighbouring mainly rural areas. Hence bouncing us all into an arrangement that suits no one.

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Taking Away Local Control

Why the proposed planning changes are a disaster for your community

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It is Time to Get People Involved!

Back in the Letterbox

Coronavirus has put many things on hold including campaigning. In Talavera Ward Cllr. Dennis Meredith has had to put on hold his usual doorstep surveys and meeting people. 

However are more than six months Dennis and the local Focus Team are back out delivering their local newsletters.

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What did we do in Lockdown?

Everyone has been busy in the last few months trying to adjust to the new reality. People have been thinking about their own health or looking after others, but for local Lib Dems and for local councillors in particular they have had to adjust to changes in their local role at the same time. Case-work continues but door to door visits have not. Council meetings were stopped but we are now getting used to meetings by Zoom. Virtual meetings and in the case of the West Northamptonshire Shadow Authority a virtual council as well.

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Jonathan Harris wins the Brixworth By-election

Last night the party gained a seat on Daventry District Council as Jonathan Harris won the Brixworth ward by-election.

It was a historic result for the party taking a previously safe Conservative seat with a swing of 33% and an increase in the vote share of 38.5%.

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Together, we have built the Liberal Democrats

Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, comments after the European elections: "Last night, the British people finished voting in the European elections. The fallout is there for all to see, with the Prime Minister finally conceding this morning that she has reached the end of the road.

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Council reserves collapse despite cuts

Well this is a good graph isn't it! Our County Council has suffered a 91% drop in its reserves despite massive cuts to services. This doesn't bode well for the financial stability of the new Unitary Authorities. The Conservatives are being a bit optimistic in asking the people of Northampton to give them a pat on the back for sorting out the financial mess which they created.

The people of Northampton and the wider county will be suffering the consequences of their financial mismanagement for years to come.


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